Since very early age parents try to teach their kids letters and reading. The initial steps are difficult for children, as it takes time to differentiate the words and get used to right reading of words. They should make attempts in order to cope with the task. For this reason moms and dads buy for the child books with simple plot for trainings. Soon the child succeeds and can read very well. It is better to provide kids with interesting books since their childhood, so they are able to exercise and get the point. Today books for children are so nicely decorated with bright images that make the store to come to life. Just pay a special attention to a Belgium brand of publishing books – EDITIONS CASTERMAN. It was established in the 18 century by Donat-Joseph Casterman, who was an editor and bookseller. He launched the company in Tournai, that was working as a printing and publishing house. EDITIONS CASTERMAN is specialized on producing comic books and literature of children. the founder believed that it is better to catch the attention of young boys and girls by adding bright images into book. Not all children like spending their free time with a book in their hand, but some illustrations would make them be interested for sure. The Adventures of Tintin was the first album that was published for kids. It appeared in 1934 and since then new and colored editions of the story got to the market. The year 1954 was the one when EDITIONS CASTERMAN started selling children books to customers. The winning Martine books by Marcel Marlier and Cadet Rama by Alain Gree were among the first ones to come out. The company has gained a huge success in many parts of Europe: Germany, France, Spain, England and other countries are glad to provide their kids with interesting and attractive books by EDITIONS CASTERMAN. Today it has become also possible for children from the United States and Asia to get acquainted with the Belgium literature. Besides, it is a well known thing that there is nothing better than a quality book as a gift to somebody. We suppose, a child will be very glad to receive a literature story by a famous publishing house for his birthday. Hurry up and purchase a book with an interesting and exciting plot for your kid. it is worth saying that EDITIONS CASTERMAN publish fiction book that are adapted especially for young children for easy reading. Besides, the company has a series of educational books; they may serve as a nice start for one in his process of learning. The editors also represented to audience a collection of manga books; the Japanese culture is very popular among young generation and already has been spread all over the world. Let the kid enjoy the comic plots of Japanese literature tradition. You are already able to purchase any book for your kid online. Visit the web-site and make a fast order to your place.

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