Early days kids footwear

Early days

When young couples face the birth of their kids, they have to take care about several things that are very important for newborns. Firstly, is to provide them with comfortable clothing. it is necessary for them to choose a reliable brand of clothing that will the child feel himself warm and pleasant. Besides, babies tend to skin irritation in case the cloth is made from artificial fabric. It is better to avoid such situations and provide the child with good feeling. Nowadays there are many brands that produce clothes for babies, but how to choose the one that will guarantee the best quality of their items? Look for the one that uses warm wool, soft cotton and pure line in tailoring. These are the safest materials that will suit to your baby. Early days is the brand that works with natural fabrics, avoiding using synthetics and artificial tissues. The line appeared in Britain in 1952 by two brothers Tony and Michael, who decided to satisfy the demands of young parents and make their life easier. Early days highlights a feature that hardly can be found at other brands – high quality that toddlers need especially during the first days of their life. A lot of customers consider Early days as the best company for making lovely shorties, baby grows with cute prints, comfortable baby nests and two pieces sets. The designers use funny prints of animal, flowers, planes, cars etc. to please the tastes both of baby girls and boys. They colors are mostly come in pale blue, pink, yellow, green and white. But beside the fact of tailoring clothing, Early days is the manufacturer of pre-walkers for infants and toddlers. They are made from good textile upper with a soft sole. The shoes for girls have delicate bows on the front. Many parents prefer Early days for their babies, as all clothes are provided with special poppers that make the changing of nappies more convenient. Each toddler must have a cool baby bib in order not to stain the clothes. The English brand has a nice collection of this essential accessory that will make the kid stylish even during the meal. The bib is attached with a popper on one shoulder and is easily washed thanks a nylon covering. There are bib sets for boys and girls that are perfectly serve for a gift to a newborn. Now you can be sure that Early days is the clothing brand for stylish toddlers that will make them remarkable already starting from the day of their birth. Young parent can also choose a comfortable changing bag of different design. The changing mat that comes together with the bag is a big advantage. the item doesn’t take much space, so it can be taken while going for a walk or traveling with a baby. The new collection by Early days is already here. Hurry up and make and online order now. The delivery will be done to any country of Europe, America and Asia.

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