Donna Wilson is a Scottish designer who creates different stuff by spinning. She set up her company in 2003 in London. She makes not only furniture, blankets, rugs, ceramics but also soft toys for children.
All items have a folksy touch. She was born in a countryside that gave her particular na?ve style. The first craftwork item she made was a knitted doll that became a great financial success for her. At that time she was only a student but her designer skills were already in great demand.
Her creatures are made from soft knits and are intentionally roughly sewed. The range of Donna Wilson products is diversified by hats, gloves and scarves. Garments made by hands are respected by everyone. Her works are highly rated in Japan. Japanese are delighted with knitted creatures most of all.
You can buy Donna Wilson in 25 countries. Although you can buy Donna Wilson almost everywhere, she doesn’t bother her head about calculating benefit. She is so busy in doing her art work that the only thing she thinks about is how to invent new creatures. Every soft toy is considered up to details and has its own character. The last honor she received in 2010 was a title ‘Best British designer’. She has deserved such appraisal and has got implanted in British hearts forever.

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