Doll Face & Dirt Boy

Dollface and Dirtboy is an English label that produces cool, unique T-shirts with hand-drawn embellishments. The name justifies the truth about children that we all know: girls are like dollies and boys often play till they become dirty.
Moreover, designer’s father was an illustrator of kids’ book. His works inspired her to draw funny images and consider her own art as a game. Her creativity doesn’t know any bounds. She acts freely and independently as soon as crazy idea comes into her mind. Sequins add touch of sparkles, graphic makes T-shirts eclectic. Designer uses various techniques for fabric typing.

Buy Dollface and Dirtboy and you kiddy won’t take it off. They can dance, run, jump and do everything they want even get muddy. A special homage in collection is given to cartoon hero: Batman.
Kids are eager to have such a funky T-shirt. Dollface and Dirtboy loves fun and real fashion-conscious mothers haven’t better miss such an opportunity to buy its garments. An eye-catching studded jacket with printed image of a world famous rock-star Jimmy Hendrix is definitely must-have of rock-addicted person. A little boy dressed in it looks very appealingly. Let’s rock the world in Dollface and Dirtboy.

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