It’s hard to imagine any other brand’s collection that would be so fancy and simple as Djaknemala is. Rachel Florio, a talented designer of childrenclothing, who fell in love with clothes for kids when she was a little girl observing her grandmother’s sewing and painting. The name of brand is also connected with her childhood. When she used to have summer holidays she spent them in Sweden where a beautiful nook named Djaknemala was situated. She was excited by its difficult pronunciation and decided to name her future brand this way.
Curious fact is that only Swedish people know how to read Djaknemala correctly. Offering polished charming line of childrenclothing Djaknemala doesn’t pretend to be a contender at fashion market. It is sufficient for them to participate in magic when they see a little happy kid dressed in Djaknemala garments looking like a fairy.
Buy Djaknemala dresses: sweet or sophisticated, casual or artistic with supernatural flowers or graceful swans. The collection is made from pure cotton that adds lightness and freshness to Djaknemala look.
Collection is sustained in typically Scandinavian colours: blue and white, red and navy. Unusual prints, considered cuts and delicate shapes all this makes – Djaknemala- childrenclothing unforgettable.

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