Diesel children clothes


The history of Diesel takes us to Italy- a country where the most luxurious and fashionable brands where founded. The establisher of Diesel – Renzo Rosso – was a child in a family of farmers; he always dreamt about modeling clothing and making original designs. When the boy was only 15 years old he tailored his first flared jeans. Since then he was trying to become an independent tailor man. Soon Renzo strated working as a manager at Moltex, a company that was making clothes and accessories for other brands. But after some time he decided to open his own factory, but the director of Moltex – Adriano Goldschmied – offered Rosso to make business together. And this day was the birthday of Diesel. At the end of 20 century Europe was suffering from oil crises, so drivers needed to use cheaper fuel – diesel. And that was the reason for giving this very name to the brand. When Renzo Rosso was asked about new brand and its style, he said that since childhood he wanted to create clothing from denim. Till today Diesel is known as one of the best lines, that offers a huge variety of items made from denim fabric. Though for the first time, the designer produced only trousers and jackets for adults, soon a children collection appeared and it even gained bigger success, as children are known for their activity, so parent prefer to dress them in practical clothes that will serve for long time. Nowadays you are free to find not only one design of trousers, but each new collection represents to customers different styles that would be adored both by girls and boys aged 6 months to 16 years. The Italian brand uses 100% soft cotton, leather, silk and fur, besides denim. A pair of pale or dark jeans will come nicely with a light cotton T-shirt in summer time. The items of Diesel combine casualty, elegancy and stylishness. The designers believe that it is not necessary to use bright diamante gems and sequins in order to look remarkable. Sometime classic appearance can create a fantastic outfit. But bit attention is paid to different kind of accessories. Why not to match one’s look with a nice additional detail? Autumn-winter collection is represented by warm hat with funny embroidery, knitted scarves with stripped patterns and cool gloves. During warm seasons boy can have a variety of elasticated leather belts of different colors; girls will like summer hats and hair clips and bands of floral print. There is also a nice line for babies, where stylish shorties and baby grows can be chosen. They come in two colors: pale pink and blue – they will perfectly suit to girls and boys. Nice sets of baby bibs with different animal, plane, driving car, birds etc. prints can be also seen there. It can serve as a present for a newborn too. use the possibility of buying clothes through the Internet and purchase any favorite item by Diesel online and save your time.

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