Country kids kids wear

Country kids

Get acquainted with the first brand that offers practical knitted clothes for the smallest ones. Welcome to the world of Country Kids that was established in The United States in 1983. No outfit looks complete without additional items, such as stylish tights or cool socks. Whenever the child goes outside, he will put on a pair of socks with his shoes; young girls wear tights with skirts and dresses. For this reason the company is specialized on making trendy designs that will satisfy the tastes of young children aged up to 14 years. What about the main features of Country kids? Well, we guess you won’t find any other brand that uses additional small details on items, such as Swarovski gems and bright diamante gems. Can you imagine how stunning will a girl look with a pair of bright bottoms with shining embroidery? You can also find items with delicate lace frills and ruffles. Young boys can enjoy socks with check and stripes patterns, animal and driving car prints. Besides, the brand offers to customers a wide variety of leggings and trainer trousers. They are a perfect choice when doing sportive activities. Thanks the high quality the skin will have a soft feeling; the natural fabric will allow the child making free moves and won’t squeeze the body. The popularity of the brand increases with each collection that impresses the audience, so check the new designs of knitted clothes by Country kids and make an online purchase for your kid.

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