Coq en Pate is a French brand paying great attention to producing accessories and clothes for kids. The main idea that runs through all Coq en Pate collection is eco-friendliness and naturalness. All items are made in India according to Global Standarts. All fabrics that Coq en Pate uses are certified. The most frequently used one is cotton. Coq en Pate supports ethic principles of Green Peace Organization: this brand uses only recycled leather.

Designer Virginie Aracil doesn’t fear to be versatile. Some items have a French casual charm, other articles are more romantic. Her fantasy doesn’t know any bounds. T-shirts, scarves, pareos, bags, back-to-school-goods are far from being a complete list of Coq en Pate products.

Coq en Pate respects the earth and customers respect the brand. What feeling might be more pleasant than a soft touch of organic material? Cotton is definitely the best option for gaining customer’s loyalty. Coq en Pate understands it beyond all doubts. You can buy Coq en Pate bags for girls and boys, an absolute must-have of summer accessories. It also can be used as a school bag during all season. Nowadays, when it is really important to preserve ecology, Coq en Pate becomes a top brand aiming to leave clean nature to our next generation.

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