Converse baby shoes


Walking is a lifestyle; the way you step makes you closer to your goal. Because of this reason it is important to choose a reliable brand of practical footwear. Our walking begins developing since childhood and the first step. Young parents try to make the process comfortable and provide their kids with high quality pre-walkers, so the feet will have a soft feeling. But it doesn’t mean that further you can wear any footwear, as if not supporting a right position of feet, it can create difficulties while walking. Never ignore this fact and buy quality shoes. We would advise to pay attention to the well known American brand Converse that every season produces stylish trainers. These items have already won the admiration and recognition of many children and teen in the United States. Young moms and dads choose Converse for their kids, as it is a perfect choice for daily wearing. The shoes have a flat sole that is made from good rubber; the upper is textile of different color and patterns. This is the traditional shoes that Converse has created already at the beginning of 21 century. Marquis Mills Converse – the designer and founder of the brand – established a line of rubber shoes for the whole family that soon was providing all sportsmen with trainers for playing. In 1917 there appeared new model of Converse that was called All Star; this collection was especially designed for the American basketball team New York Renaissance; it came only in black and white color. Chuck Tailor who is known as one of the most famous basketball players have become the face of Converse. He was the person who suggested to make the shoes more flexible and to add a protective feature – a small patch on the ankle. Today the logo of the brand with a lettering All Star is placed there. Besides the role of Converse in sports, it played an essential part during the World was, producing leather boots for pilots and infantry army. Soon the shoes have become the thing that reflected the American wear tradition. Now they are no more trainers for doing sports, but a multifunctional footwear that can be worn with any outfit. The new subcultures in America during the 50-60-ties were the main customers of the brand. Boy put them with faded jeans, and young girls liked the look with a short dress or skirt. In modern society Converse come in much more designs and colors; teens can combine the color of upper with laces. Their length also varies. You can find the images of celebrities on sides of the shoes as well; among the most demanded are Converses with AC/DC, Metallica, Ozzy Osbourne, Nirvana and Jimi Hendrix prints. These shoes are a must-have of every child and teenager. Today the American line of rubber footwear is spread all over the world; there is hardly a child who doesn’t know about Converse. We are sure that each girl and boys would like to have a pair of them in a wardrobe. Purchase the bright shoes by Converse online.

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