Chloe children wear

Chloe children wearWhen we talk about the brand Chloe, the first thing that comes to mind is definitely – France. It was there where the famous line was founded. It is connected with the name of an Egyptian lady Gaby Aghion, who came from a wealthy family. Gaby came to Paris in 1945 and looked different from other Parisian women: she was swarthy and always was dressed in remarkable clothing that caught the view of others. In France she got bored and started painting some sketches of dresses, soon she modeled them from cotton. These items were put for selling in some shops in the capital and were sold out very quickly. It was the sign for Gaby to become a designer of women clothing. and she did it. Soon her creations were represented in the most demanded fashions houses in France, as Dior, Carven and others. The young lady couldn’t believe it could be the truth. Who could think that an Egyptian Gaby Aghion would become a designer of luxurious clothing in the most fashionable city of the world? It was the time to give the brand a name. There was an idea to use Gaby’s name, but she didn’t want to, as she thought her name wouldn’t come fine with clothes. So she asked her good friend to use her first name for the line. And since then the brand founded by Gaby Aghion is known as Chloe. The original goal of the line was to satisfy the tastes of Parisian women, but the popularity has spread all over France and then Europe as well. Today Chloe works on a collection for young boys and girls. Toddlers, infants and teens aged 12 months to 14 years old are able to choose any item by Chole and create a fantastic look that differs in elegancy and refinement. On one hand, children adore the style of Chole thanks the possibility of looking stylish and according the last trends; but parents prefer this line too, but for other reason. Chole is the perfect choice for high quality items. Natural fabrics are the main thing moms and dads choose for their kids. 100% soft cotton, denim, silk, linen, chiffon and other materials will make the feeling more comfortable. Each collection by Chole that is represented in autumn-winter and spring-summer attracts the view of the audience. A great attention is paid to each detail of the product. The dresses, blouses and tops are finely embroidered with additional elements, such as bright sequins, diamante gems, beads etc. The designer offers a big variety of accessories too. In order to make the look of a young lady fantastic pay attention to these hair accessories: bright clips and floral hair bands. They will suit both to casual and festive occasions. Boy can enjoy a line of brisk T-shirts with funny prints and cool embroidery too. A casual, formal or festive look can be achieved with a diversity of hooded zip-up tops, shirts and jackets. So don’t hesitate and purchase a nice clothing by Chole online.

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