Cheap Monday was created in Sweden in 2004. At first brand was named Cheap Weekend as jeans and other goods used to be sold only on weekends. Then after the little shop had become successful and its sells had increased it was renamed as Cheap Weekday as the shop used to work 7 days a week.
The last sharp bend in shop’s history came when desighners decided to open a shop where not only expensive items would be sold but also cheap ones. Hence, a new name Cheap Monday followed. The first eye-catching element of this brand is skull logo on tops that is known all over the world.
Fashionable jeans super-stretched at low prices are also worth mentioning. Cheap Monday proposes not expensive, quality articles of childrenclothing. Since 2004 brand’s sales have been realizing successfully due to a wide range offered in the shops. You can buy Cheap Monday at Scandinavian Minimall. Brand Cheap Monday is at your disposal also in other 28 countries. Therefore, without having preliminary marketing research brand Cheap Monday has become a world leader in creating stylish tight price-acceptable jeans recognizable over the world. If you reckon yourself a real person of fashion don’t hesitate and buy Cheap Monday online.

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