Kid O is brand of children’s toys. Designers believe that children have the most fun when they discover new things. For them, playing is a good way to learn something new. That’s why all Kid O Products are made with plenty of opportunities to learn. Our toys attract and stimulate the children with a rich variety of shapes, colors and sizes – so the possibilities for a creative play are infinite. In the playground the children used their own imagination; they develop skills that will be useful for their life.
Children love to spot familiar objects and play with them and they exercise hand-eye coordination and classification skills. When the children became older, the majority of parents start thinking about preschool options. Kid O produced educational games and toys just for this age. The Line Exercise Cubes, designed by Nienhuis for Education, gives the opportunity for kids to sort through a series of three-dimensional cubes in order to complete a two-dimensional pattern .The set encourages kids to hone the important skill of pattern recognition.
BUY Kid O’s toys for your kids and you see how beautiful, well-made objects are important for stimulating children, accelerating their development, and improving their well-being.


Green Toys produces completely different Toys & Games: the dishes, cars, blocks, Stacker, artificial food, small boats and tools for children. Company will use recycled bags out of milk for the toys production. This will save energy and reduce harmful emissions into our atmosphere.
In addition, the packaging for the toy will be made of corrugated cardboard. Adhering to the concept of minimal environmental impact, the company also seeks to have as close its manufacturing unit, to minimize carbon dioxide emissions into the environment.
Green Toys’ products are always in high demand among buyers. Green Toys allow children to develop their imagination, learn to recognise different colors. Green Toys are light enough that is very useful for children because they can take them and move from place to place as much as they want.
Also there are small sets for young builders that allows kids to build whatever they want. Green Toys sets of dishes are very useful for young cooks, because they are not only safe but also very practical and can teach children to cook. Many variants of multi-colored pyramids for children are also presented. Children like them very much. Buy Green Toys products and be sure that your children are playing with safe toys.