CARAMEL BABY&CHILDIn 1999 a new potentially strong brand appeared. It was named Caramel Baby and Child. Caramel Baby and Child has been successfully existing more than 10 years.
As we all know that British fashion is always subtle, gentle, relaxed and charmed. Eva Karayiannis, a fashion-designer of Caramel Baby and Child brand, hasn’t been untrue to national traditions and has created a fabulous collection for children distinctly British. You will never find some too pretentious flashy articles in Caramel Baby and Child collection. Every separate item is fully considered and tends to be restrained and quiet.
Besides, Caramel Baby and Child childrenclothing is sophisticated and modern at the same time. The unique particularity of Caramel Baby and Child brand is its skill to remain at balancing position between fancifulness and elegancy, sweetness and neutrality.
Eva’s Karayiannis favourite colours are navy blue and neutrals that she manages to mix best than anyone else. She doesn’t attach bright logos on her clothes in order to avoid excessness. From the variety of brands the best choice for you to look smart and casual is to buy Caramel Baby and Child. Wearing Caramel Baby and Child childrenclothing your child will feel like a genuine British representative. His individuality will be noticed at a first glance.

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