CACHAREL kids clothes

In 1958 there appeared Cacharel an elegant label, that was focused firstly only upon trousers for slim ladies. Since then the main brand’s motive hasn’t changed. Cacharel continues producing exquisite, innovative stylish items but now it also manufactures clothing for children.

This good news has stricken all mothers’ hearts – a French brand Cacharel has recently released its new collection for kids. Now you can buy Cacharel childrenclothing for little girls or boys of fashion and also adult line as always. Your kiddy will be dressed up fashionably in accordance with latest tendencies of French fashion.

That’s not all welcome news. Every shop will propose you delighting a cup of aromatic coffee while your child will be choosing apparel to his or her discretion. Brand Cacharel is distinguishing thanks to paying much attention to details: buttons, pockets and pleats. Cacharel childrenclothes are decorated by collages, flowers, prints, embroideries and retro elements that add more romanticism and old-fashioned look. The fabric that Cacharel is accustomed to use is a soft cotton.

Besides, buying Cacharel you return to distant 60’s or 70’s. Since 50 years of excellent market invading Cacharel hasremained to be a sophisticated and iconic brand. Buy Cacharel childrenclothing for your child and you both will look gorgeously romantic.

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