Bonbek Magazine offers different moments of sharing with family, one by one creative and entertainment (games).. In Bonbek magazine you can meet avant-garde, famous names in the illustrations, photographs, drawings and letters.
Bonbek is a quarterly magazine for parents and children from 5-10 years..In the magazine you can find a lot of information, using a variety of talented artists, illustrators, designers, stylists and photographers. Bonbek can be personalized, painted, cut, and then safely stored as a precious treasure. Journal-is a real find for children. There they can find your favorite characters in different images, and clothes.The magazine tells the fascinating stories.Bonbek Magazine is also available in stores for children (fashion, jewelry, games, and concept stores), museums, the relay station and the airport, e-commerce sites … and you can buy Bonbek Magazine online. The one of the latest ideas was to design a double spread page for a children magazine. Designers draw nude kids and we had a page of clothing pictures inserted, so the reader could cut and paste it on the picture, giving the kids the look of his choice. Bonbek Magazine is trying to contribute to its level, crop protection, development of alternative pedagogy for children, providing a current view of the narrative and the image that combines entertainment and education.

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