Bikkembergs kids wear



Each brand of clothing differs one from another thanks the creative mind of a designer. Every fashionable line has its features and characteristics that make it be recognized by customers all over the world. But each wear company is created according the demands of buyers. The market today has an endless number of brands that offer their products of the audience, but still some are very popular, but other destined by a failure. We can’t say it about Bikkembergs – one of the most famous lines of clothing in the world. Originally, it was focused on producing men footwear starting from 1986, but Dirk Bikkembergs – the founder and designer of the line – couldn’t pass over the demands of its fans. Dirk was born in Germany, but when moved to Belgium his business grew up. Thanks the innovative idea in the shoes market, the Belgium famous designers allowed Dirk to share the market with them. It was a great success, because now the field was ready to explore – this was the goal of Bikkembergs. Soon a clothing line appeared: now he works on making nice looking outfits for men, women and of course young children. But what was so special about the brand that gained the love of millions? Dirk’s father was a military man who brought the boy up in strict way. The military theme was the base for making the clothes. Dirk by himself was fond of doing sports and supporting a healthy lifestyle. He assure customers are moving is life and the more you active the long you live. Sports, comfort and easiness are the main features of Bikkembergs. The brand usually is criticized by other fashion houses, because its clothes design differs a lot. The brand never uses old traditions of retro style. Dirk says old fashioned clothing must be left, and new creations have to be invented and offered to buyers. He tried to make the appearance of a modern child unique and remarkable. Extraordinary designs and bright colors prevail in each collection. A way of tailoring crazy and original clothing must evoke a kid reaction to the surrounding; he must imagine more and extend his mind. And clothing is the most reliable mean. This is the main goal of the German brand. Stylish sweater and jumpers are made from 100% soft cotton; water and wind proof coats and jackets come with attached hoods. These are traditional clothes, but look at the stunning prints and patterns that each item has. Where could you find something more extraordinary that in Bikkembergs? Brutality and elegance, sports and luxury make up the line’s thinking. Look at the new incomes of stylish accessories: summer caps, textile and leather belts, light cotton scarves and fancy sun glasses are available for purchasing. They will match the casual and sportive outfit of a kid. The brand has many stores in Belgium and abroad, but modern parents prefer buying clothes by Bikkembergs online. Make you girl and boy satisfied with a stunning look by the most popular brand.

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