The brand was founded in 1989 and specialized only in men’s clothing. 7 years later, in 2002 there appeared a women’s line. Bellerose Kids line appeared only in 2002. Now Bellerose clothing is produced in four countries, and is sold in 15 countries. The latest collection Spring-Summer 2012 saturated with the spirit of adventure and travel. Bellerose Kids Clothing is incredibly comfortable and stylish, as it’s sewn especially for studies of distant countries, or travelers. You can identify accents in the form of striped socks or hats that are a bit old-fashioned dresses. At the same time in the children’s clothes, there is an allusion to the present, and some dresses for girls are very similar fashion to adults. Clothing really makes an impression! The children look very modern, but still remain children! Any child will be happy to dress.
Clothing looks a bit old-fashioned, but it is also original. It has long been forgotten old – is new, so Bellerose Kids is – the perfect choice to experiment and buy. Children’s hats really look like a traveler. Such a young jungle explorers. In these clothes guys will be very comfortable to play outdoors. However, brand’s designers have not forgotten about the beauty. Now Clothing is high quality and fashionable, that’s why buying Bellerose clothes you will not regret it. Also it’s very convenient to buy Bellerose online

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