Baby Barolo is a brand known all over the world releasing cocoon collection for newborns. Brand Baby Barolo originates from Sweden. Mothers honour its products thanks to thoroughly thought-out concept of baby comfort while they are sleeping in their strollers or cradles. Successful commercial outcome is doing of creative and talented designer Margot Barolo. She has higher education in field of art and design.
As Margot deals with delicate and soft skin of babies, she can’t but work with only natural materials of high quality. Cocoon bags of Baby Barolo manufacturing are environmentally-friendly, durable and easy to clean. The designer tries to find inspiration for new designs in everything like in paper, ceramics, fabric or wood and every minute whatever comes into her hands. All items seem to be a little piece of luxury for your kids. Your kid is worth of best treasures of life, isn’t he? So present him or her with a part of your love. You can buy Baby Barolo items in local stores or online. The cocoon bags are released in three colors: white, violet and soft gray.
Due to Baby Barolo’s perfect reputation, the brand is considered to be unusual, unique and trendy. Baby Barolo fluffy clouds are very popular around the world and are easily recognizable.

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