Bomb Design is a renowned and reputable fashion designer brand creating original clothing for kids. The company is a relatively new brand in the children fashion clothing industry but still Bomb Design has managed to make a considerable progress in its business development due to the stylish design and focus on the use of high quality, natural materials only. The company was established in Germany, where the company had started its operations but soon Bomb Design focused on the EU market and now the company operates internationally. Bomb Design is renowned for the original and stylish design of children clothing that combines classical elements with new, fashionable trends. In such a way, designers of the company attempt to create classical children clothing and keep it up-to-date with recent trends in the fashion industry. At the same time, the primary concern of designers and the company is the safety of children. The company uses natural materials only, while the multiple levels control system contributes to the minimisation of defects in products manufactured by the company. This is why Bomb Design is one of the most popular brands of children clothing not only in the EU but also in the US, Canada, Japan and other countries.

AIMEE WILDER nursery decor

How do you think what a nursery for your child is? It is a real fantastic world, where your little one is a truly creator. This is a kingdom for your little princess and a pirate ship for your brave boy. Or maybe here sweet tweens live and they are dreaming about working at circus. Creations of Aimee Wilder, a famous designer of wallpapers and clothing for kids, convert childrens’ dreams into reality. In other words, she is a designer of a dream and fun. She was born in New York. From the early age she helped her parents to explore the fashion showrooms where they worked. Besides the creation of wallpaper design Aimee Wilder is occupied with home textiles, accessories, fashion and print.
Your little one doesn’t want to sleep in the nursery? Lovely animals and funny robots will protect your kid while he will be dreaming at night and they will be his or her magic heroes during the day. Liven up a nursery or a playroom with these amazing wallpapers and you will see your kid will love them. These joyful pictures will please both children and parents alike. Buy Aimee Wilder wallpapers now and give a fairy-tale to your sweet.

Tom Brown Kids Clothing

Tom Brown is a renowned and popular designer brand manufacturing children clothing. The company was established in New York, NY, the US by Tom Brown, the fashion designer, who decided to launch his business after several years of work in leading fashion companies. In fact, Tom Brown decided to launch his own business, when he understood that he cannot realize all his daring and creative ideas, while working for others. The decision to launch his children clothing line was spontaneous but, to a significant extent, this decision came after the birth of the designer’s first child. In such a way, the fatherhood contributed to the keen attention of Tom Brown to kids wear. The founder of the company pointed out that the beginning of the business was, to a significant extent, his response to the lack of wearing worthy clothing for kids. At first, he started to experiment with clothing for his own child and later he launched the designer clothing company that created perfect clothing for kids of different age. Today, the company operates worldwide and Tom Brown designs children clothing for kids from the first days of life. The company moved online to reach more consumers.

Reutter Porcelain

Reutter Porcelain is a renowned porcelain brand manufacturing porcelain toys for children of different age. The company was founded in 1948 by Martil Zimmermann and Willy Reutter. Martil married Willy and decided to establish the company manufacturing porcelain products, including toys for kids. Martil was the designer, who designed and created porcelain products, while Will focused on the business development of the company. The family business started successfully, although the company faced considerable problems during the post-World War II years, when German and European economy were just recovering after the destructive war. Nevertheless, the company has managed to succeed and by the 1970s, the company has already become a reputable and renowned brand in Germany. In the late 20th century, Reutter Porcelain accelerated its business development due to the aggressive international market expansion strategy. As a result, porcelain toys manufactured by the company have started to sell in Europe, the US and other countries of the world. Today, the business keeps growing and children from many countries of the world can enjoy original porcelain toys from Reutter Porcelain. Consumers can buy the company’s products from large retailers. Moreover, in the 2000s the company moved online and started to sell its toys via internet.

STOKKE baby strollers and accessories

Stokke is one of the most popular and reputable company designing baby strollers and accessories for babies. The company was established in Norway and focused on designing of strollers first. However, in the course of time, the company introduced new products, such as baths for kids and other products that were destined to facilitate the life of babies and their parents. In actuality, Stokke is one of the largest and most successful companies operating in the baby strollers and accessories industry. As the company gained a leading position in Norway, Stokke has launched the strategy of the international market expansion which persists till present days. Moreover, the company is not going to give up expanding its business internationally. Today, the company operates in the EU, the US, Canada, Russia, Japan, and many other countries of the world. Stokke is a renowned brand due to the high quality of its products and their functionality and durability. The company’s strollers are reliable, comfortable and safe for babies because the company employed health care professionals to design its strollers as well as other products. In such a way, Stokke made its products not only comfortable but also safe since babies are full protected from any accidents, when Stokke’s products are used.

NIKE Kids Wear

Nike Kids wear
Nike Kids wear

NIKE, in fact the goods for kids that may be preserved and transmitted from generation to the nest one, within the family members or between the best friends. This is why they do not come up with lots of new goods each year. On the contrary, once the brand NIKE introduce the novel product, customers may be certain that it totally corresponds the criteria: useful, environmentally-friendly an also long-lasting.
From the establishment of this label the initial successful collection attracted attention of the society and magazine editors that applauded the smooth designs and environmental commitment of the label NIKE. The stores of the company can be found internationally. However, there is no need to get upset if you do not have the NIKE store nest to your apartment. You may simply buy NIKE children products online.
Collections of NIKE for boys and girls include lines to complement every little child individuality. Whether a young boy or a girl desires a fashion of classic and culture, elegance and also class or the perfect look to satisfy the current tendencies, mothers and fathers are reassured to fulfil the requirements of every child’s individual preference with the number of eternal collections to select from.


LITTLE RED STUGA is a Swedish brand of children’s furniture and accessories, founded in 2007 by designers Kasper Medin and Ulrika E. Engberg. In 2007 they opened the company Little Red Stuga and the first product in line was Dream Bag. Dream Bag is a place for children’s imagination, where the beautiful soft petals allow them to play and dream.
Also Dream Bag is easily folded into a bud, that is a great advantage for children. Products are made for children and young at heart adults. The company creates innovative things for children, stimulating their activity and development. Company’s design ideas are always presented with an educational content.
LITTLE RED STUGA’s carpets in the form of flowers are especially popular. Children love to play there and usually spend a lot of time there. Also the pillows are presented in the form of mountains of various colors. Kids like to sleep on these pillows. All LITTLE RED STUGA’s products are simple and funny for your child to use as they are light and easy to move.
Buy LITTLE RED STUGA’s products because playing with toys children can develop the imagination and dream as though they ascend to the summit of the highest Swedish mountains or traveling on a pink cloud.


Les Petites Emplettes is a renowned company designing and manufacturing accessories and decoration for children rooms and furniture. The company was established in France in the early 2000s. At first, the company started as the manufacturer of children furniture and accessories which were used to decorate children rooms. However, in the course of time, the company diversified its production and started to offer new products, such as accessories for kitchen utensils, pillows for cars, and other products. In such a way, the company expanded its market share due to new products offered to customers. In this regard, it is worth mentioning the fact that from the beginning the company focused on the global customer group. This is why the company launched its online business to facilitate the process of purchasing its products by consumers in virtually any part of the world. The company also manifests its environmental concerns. The head designer of the company, Isabelle Dubois uses natural materials in many products created by the company. The original design makes those products attractive not only for kids but also for their parents as well. This is why Les Petites Emplettes have become extremely popular in many countries of the world.

LALE Kids underwear

Lale is a Turkish brand of underwear. Lale‘s underwear is of excellent quality and a woman of any age can find for yourself exactly what they have been looking for a long time: sex kits, comfortable linen in large size, bras and panties for sports, good clothes for pregnant and nursing mothers.
Courteous and friendly staff will help to find models that fit specifically to your body shape, and meeting exactly to your tastes and preferences.
Company’s task is to make clothes easy and convenient for you. Underwear is made from natural cotton and pleasant to the touch. Of course, company understands that it is a painstaking work to find a really delightful underwear, we understand how difficult it is to find a model of vivid and memorable, and it’s sometimes difficult to determine the color and how tedious ride to the shops, spending their time and money .
That’s why online store Lale is created exclusively for you, designed to facilitate and to decorate your life. Underwear for Women is qualitative, you can easily buy Lale kidswear online, just open a detailed and easy to use catalog Lale , and visit the store in convenient time for you. Buy Lale wear for your little girl and she will feel like a princess.


Kid O is brand of children’s toys. Designers believe that children have the most fun when they discover new things. For them, playing is a good way to learn something new. That’s why all Kid O Products are made with plenty of opportunities to learn. Our toys attract and stimulate the children with a rich variety of shapes, colors and sizes – so the possibilities for a creative play are infinite. In the playground the children used their own imagination; they develop skills that will be useful for their life.
Children love to spot familiar objects and play with them and they exercise hand-eye coordination and classification skills. When the children became older, the majority of parents start thinking about preschool options. Kid O produced educational games and toys just for this age. The Line Exercise Cubes, designed by Nienhuis for Education, gives the opportunity for kids to sort through a series of three-dimensional cubes in order to complete a two-dimensional pattern .The set encourages kids to hone the important skill of pattern recognition.
BUY Kid O’s toys for your kids and you see how beautiful, well-made objects are important for stimulating children, accelerating their development, and improving their well-being.


Green Toys produces completely different Toys & Games: the dishes, cars, blocks, Stacker, artificial food, small boats and tools for children. Company will use recycled bags out of milk for the toys production. This will save energy and reduce harmful emissions into our atmosphere.
In addition, the packaging for the toy will be made of corrugated cardboard. Adhering to the concept of minimal environmental impact, the company also seeks to have as close its manufacturing unit, to minimize carbon dioxide emissions into the environment.
Green Toys’ products are always in high demand among buyers. Green Toys allow children to develop their imagination, learn to recognise different colors. Green Toys are light enough that is very useful for children because they can take them and move from place to place as much as they want.
Also there are small sets for young builders that allows kids to build whatever they want. Green Toys sets of dishes are very useful for young cooks, because they are not only safe but also very practical and can teach children to cook. Many variants of multi-colored pyramids for children are also presented. Children like them very much. Buy Green Toys products and be sure that your children are playing with safe toys.

Girls Designers Babywear

Girls Designers Babywear
Girls Designers Babywear

Summer is already here and this is the time for choosing a lovely hat for your baby girl. If you are looking for a unique design and gentle look, this white colored summer hat by Grevi is a great choice. There is a floral trim all around the whole item. A grosgrain big bow winds the hat. The bow can be placed on the front or back. It is already up to you.

This pale pink set by Sonia Rykiel Enfant consists from two pieces: a stunning summer dress and a pair of knickers. The dress has no sleeves. The main attention should be paid to the amazing embroidery on the front at the chest. Small roses of different colors add luxury to the item. The dress fastens with hidden buttons at the back. The skirt is floaty and will create a airiness in summer.

Baby girls will look fantastic this season thanks the remarkable collection by Simonetta Tiny. A floral print covers all the babygrow; bright flowers of pink, orange, green and blue colors can be seen. The item will look complete with a lovely white lace cardigan. It fastens with two pink buttons on the front and can be easily attached.

Quis Quis offers to all stylish baby girls this original sleeveless dress. There are wide straps on shoulders and one pale yellow bow on one side. A convenient zip serves for fastening at back. The skirt is gathered at the waist, creating a high waistband. This dress comes finely with a pair of bright sandals.

A well known brand Young Versace amazes its fans as usual. Look at this nice jacket covered with bright print of summer flowers and butterflies. The designers create a golden zipper with the Medusa head on it. The outwear creates a nice and smooth satin feeling; it will look nice both with a dress and a pair of jeans.

Light and soft silk cotton fabric will make the baby girls feel herself very comfortable during hot summer days. This dress of best quality comes in pale yellow color. A cute smart collar and puffed short sleeves look very nice. The waist is gathered with a thin white strap. There is also cotton under layer.

There is nothing more comfortable to wear in summer than a short sleeved T-shirt with a pair of shorts. Il Gufo has the perfect choice for your fashionable baby girl. Look at this new model. The top is of white color with puffed cuffs; nice embroidery of flowers is placed around the neck line. The shorts are made from 100% soft cotton. A bright red and white print of small flowers covers the whole item.

Not only clothing should attract the view, but also such a necessary accessory, as a baby bib. It should correspond to the style of your baby girl. Each young lady will have a gentle and delicate look with this pale pink baby bib by La Perla. A thin white lace trim is placed on the front with a lovely bow in the center. It can be attached with a popper on shoulder.

When your baby girl starts walking, it is necessary to provide her with high quality footwear in order to create a right stepping. Young Versace represents there pre-walkers of white and golden color. Medusa’s head signature is placed on the front. The shoes have a comfortable Velcro strap.

Girls Clothes – Summer Collection

Girls Clothes - Summer Collection

Long sleeved top will be a good option for evening walking in summer time. This cool zig-zag top by Supertrash Girls of pastel colors will be adorable by young girls for sure. It will match the whole fancy look.

Modern girls like to make their look unusual and unique. Thanks the white blouse by MOSCHINO KIDS every girl will look amazing. The bone print on the front will create really stunning comments of others. It will suit both denim jeans and cotton trousers.

Summer is the time for wearing shorts. Look at these chambray ones by Billieblush. They look stylish thanks the bright yellow bow at the waist. Special pale pink trims at the sides look nice. The shorts have an elasticated waistband that makes good fitting.

For teenagers, who tend to visit parties and other special events, dresses are the best choice to put on. This gray capped sleeved brocade dress by Miss Blumarine creates a feminine silhouette of a girl. The lovely yellow bow on the chest catches the fancy of young ladies.

Birthday parties, holidays and other special occasions involve wearing festive shoes. CHLOE offers these leather pumps of silver color with elegant scalloped edges for the trendiest ones. They will look nicely with a wonderful dress or stunning skirt.

Skirt, made from fine and soft knitted viscose, by MISSONI will make the look of your girl brighter. Thanks the vivid blue, red and orange colors the skirt perfectly suits for wearing it in a warm spring or summer day.

To make really cool and remarkable look Stella McCartney Kids offers your girl a stylish cotton short sleeved gray dress. It attracts by a funky “Dunot stop me” print on the front of the item with raw edged fringed hem that adds special chic to the whole dress.

For those young ladies, who like wearing stylish accessories, and like looking bright every day, Daniel Charles offers a nice collection of head bands for girls of all ages. This white ribbon head band with a lovely satin bow, embroidered with special crystal gems, creates a feminine and gentle look. It will perfectly go with an elegant dress or a classic suit.

A classic feminine look can be achieved by wearing a rose pink shift dress by Little Marc Jacob made from soft cotton. It impresses thanks the round collar with black pattern. The printed black buttons add charm to the whole look. There is a golden zip-up at the back of the dress.

Baby girls Summer Clothes Collection

Baby girls Summer Clothes Collection

Sleeveless shortie dress for baby girls is a good choice in a warm sunny day. Lemon Loves Layette offers your baby a pale pink dress with embroidered pink and orange flowers on bottom. The attached shorts are a big advantage of the product.

Floral theme takes a huge part during all this summer season. CHLOE combines stylish patterns with classic black and white colors. Look at this organza short sleeved dress, which combines geometrical flowers with small squares that create additional charm.

Pre-walkers by Billieblush are for sure the trendiest ones. The baseball boot style with the combination of silver toe and metal studs on the side make a stunning look of a baby. It has neon pink laces and a zip for fastening. It makes their wearing easier.

A traditionally cotton T-shirt by DKNY is represented in unique style. Thanks the puffed short sleeves and a colorful logo of the brand the look of a baby girl gets prettier. The poppers at the back make dressing over head easier.

For stylish and funny babies MISSONI created a special baby nest with zig-zag print in pink, yellow, orange and red colors. It fastens on the side and bottom with a zip – that makes putting the baby in and out easier. In such a baby nest your girl will feel herself comfortable and warm.

A blouse of quality cotton will serve as the main clothing during this season. Look at this white top by Tartine et Chocolat with a special coral embroidery around the collar and cute capped sleeves. It is nicely decorated on back with bright orange buttons along the whole blouse. It can be worn both with jeans and skirt.

To make the look of a baby girl more festive, it is worth talking about a lovely pleated crepe chiffon dress by Patachou. Puffed sleeves add charm to the whole look. The back is embroidered with gentle buttons. This dress would be a nice addition in a wardrobe of your baby.

Billieblush represents a small collection of headwear for young kids. For example, this white hat with colorful geometrical print will look fancy on the head of your child. It has wide floppy brims that create a funny appearance.

Pink color is adorable by most baby girls, that is why Little Marc Jacobs offers a cute sleeveless shortie of pale pink and red color with a cute cat print on the front. Poppers at the back and between legs are a big advantage.

Kids Designers Coats

Designers coats for kids Autumn/Winter 2015

The cool weather is coming, it is time to buy something warm and stylish for your children. We present you our hand-picked collection of children coats which features the style, comfort and fashionable color-pop trends.

baby designer coat


Kids Designers Wool Coats

Wool coats are timeless and chic. Naturally warm, this season’s collection features muted shades and pretty pastels in classic styles.

wool coat

Kids designers down padded coats

Outer wear is most definitely in this season. Naturally soft and cosy, down padded coats brave the elements whilst looking cool.


Kids designers down padded coats


Kids designers reversible coats

Super fun and versatile, reversible coats offer a two in one solution. The collection features brights, patterns and soft, textured faux fur.

reversible coats

Kids Designers Color Pop Rain Coats

Nothing cheers up a dreary winter’s day like a pop of colour. Whether there’s a nip in the air or a full on blizzard, the selection includes padded, patterned and lightweight rain coats.

Color Pop Rain Coats