APRIL SHOWERS was founded by two Dutch sisters Madelon and Natalie Vodegel in 2008. They made collection of leather bags and accessories for kids with structured and simple lines in a range of strong colours. The collection is full of Nordic spirit and slight French vintage. A children’s line is a miniature version of the women’s collection. APRIL SHOWERS childrenclothing is decorated by delicate prints and handmade components. Cute bags are especially eye-catching. You can even buy APRIL SHOWERS socks made by hands. Little girls will look very fabulous in head bands with pompons. The line of goods available in stores is striking: swimsuits to snow wear, boots to blazers, costumes to dancewear … the list is endless! APRIL SHOWERS childrenclothes are also suitable for presents. Fresh and poetic childrenclothing, like a shower in spring, justifies brand name. Designers use bright colours: coral, curry yellow, blue and white. Beyond all doubts they make our life sunnier and warmer.
Buy APRIL SHOWERS online and save your money on brand name clothing for kids, babies and moms. Wear APRIL SHOWERS clothes and the strongest april rain will never scare you. Energetic and cheerful apparel will make you distinguish from others and raise your mood in spite of bad weather.

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