April77 is a French brand name that was founded by Brice Partouche in 2002. It is simply to explain the name of the brand. It deals with the year and month of birth of the founder. The project April 77 is comparatively not very old but nevertheless it isn’t worth to none in respect of worldwide popularity. It has spread far beyond France very quickly. Recently brand April77 has appeared in Top-10 list of the most desirable youth brand of street-fashion taking the second place. The collection is saturated with an idea: “Dance Today, Revolution Tomorrow”. Every pair of jeans is decorated by vinyl label with this inscription on it. April77 uses only high quality material for manufacturing its products and creates very unusual, trendy and fashionable children clothes that meet requirements of the most exigent clients.
April 77 brand is not just a brand that releases denim. It is one of the most huge manufacturing companies thanks to which you can buy various childrenclothing online or in any of 400 stores worldwide. Buy April 77 children jeans and join the community of satisfied parents and kids. Your child will be always trendy having in his/her wardrobe a pair of April77 denim jeans!

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