The history of ANNIEL ENFANT began in 1976. One talented Italian shoemaker thought of shoes that would dance. He created so light and supple ballet shoes that even ballerina would envy. Soon his fantasy grew so much that he couldn’t help producing new pairs of fabulous shoes. He began releasing various types of shoes: boots, derbies and sandals. And the only joining factor of different models that was and will exist is jazzy style and exceptional comfort. You can buy ANNIEL ENFANT without having doubt whether shoes are leather. The brand uses only lambskin or high-quality suede and cotton. As a parent you should know that children need such accessories like shoes. How many times have you encountered bad quality items? Nowadays low quality shoes, where dangerous materials used in shoes manufacturing, are a commonplace. This phenomenon can harm tiny kid feet. In order to feel sure for children’s health buy ANNIEL ENFANT shoes without risking. Besides ANNIEL ENFANT brand offers high quality shoes at reasonable prices. You can buy ANNIEL ENFANT online saving your money. Brand ANNIEL ENFANT is a brilliant project considered earlier as a manufacturing for gymnastics that has changed its direction and has diversified into a powerful market-oriented company.

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