Andrea Montelpare

Andrea MontelpareAndre Montelpare was founded in 1993. Therefore, the company is a newcomer in the children clothing industry. Andre Montelpare was based in Marches, Femo, at the heart of Italy’s biggest shoes and clothing production region. From the beginning, Andre Montelpare became one of the pace setters in the children clothing industry and today the company maintains its leading position in the market. However, the growing competition forces the company to work hard on the improvement of its products and diversification of its production lines.
Andrea Montelpare offers clothing for children of different age and size. Consumers can buy Andrea Montelpare children clothing easily. They just need to order Andrea Montelpare children clothing and to buy the specific item or items they like. Andrea Motelpare children clothing is affordable due to the relatively low price. The fashion of Andrea Montelpare children clothing is one of the strategic advantages of the company’s products over its major rivals. Andrea Montelpare children clothing is unique in its design because designers of the company create products that mirror recent trends in the development of fashion design of children clothing. Hence, products of the company are attractive for children and parents can be certain that their children will enjoy them. So, parents can buy Andrea Montelpare kids clothing for their children.

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