American Outfitters is a fast growing European label that sells childrenclothing. American Outfitters designs and sells garments of high quality at reasonable prices. Behind every success there’s often an interesting story. The American Outfitters’ story is focused around family relationships. Nathalie, Patricia and Caroline Vandermoortele created this Belgian brand and it has since become a selling triumph.
The first store was opened in 1977. In 2008 the children apparel brand was launched. American Outfitters offers standards like jeans, graphic quirky T-shirts, worn look denim, stylish tunics, dresses, colourful polos and knitwear. All clothing is durable and cool. American Outfitters clothes are considered to subtle details. Buying American Outfitters you receive comfort, unique style and modernity. Director of American Outfitters was right when he said that the idea of creating childrenclothing would prove its value. Being cool and stylish brand’s clothing is also affordable. Bringing their brand online they have become even more extended. Within two years of online operation they have achieved great success and have opened 9 stores. An online-concept allows you to buy American Outfitters quality apparel with no wasting much of your time. If you want to buy something simple and practical, a Belgian top brand will suit you more than any other apparel store.

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