All About Tom

All About Tom is one of the oldest brands manufacturing satchels for kids of different age. The company was established in the UK in the past century. Since the foundation, the company focused on designing and manufacturing satchels, bags and other accessories for school children, both boys and girls. In the course of time, the company evolved and so did the main product of the company, satchels. Nevertheless, till today the company has preserved the original British style of satchels. On the other hand, along with satchels the company manufacturers a lot of accessories, which are essential for school children. In such a way, the company attempts to diversify its products and to attract the customer attention not only to its satchels, which the company is renowned for, but also to other products, which are also attention worthy. At the moment, many consumers prefer buying the company’s satchels because of the brand and All about Tom is very concerned about the maintenance of its positive brand image and customer loyalty. This is why the company sticks to its traditions and to the traditional style of satchels. However, now the company introduces new satchels of eye-popping colors to attract more customers.

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