AIMEE WILDER nursery decor

How do you think what a nursery for your child is? It is a real fantastic world, where your little one is a truly creator. This is a kingdom for your little princess and a pirate ship for your brave boy. Or maybe here sweet tweens live and they are dreaming about working at circus. Creations of Aimee Wilder, a famous designer of wallpapers and clothing for kids, convert childrens’ dreams into reality. In other words, she is a designer of a dream and fun. She was born in New York. From the early age she helped her parents to explore the fashion showrooms where they worked. Besides the creation of wallpaper design Aimee Wilder is occupied with home textiles, accessories, fashion and print.
Your little one doesn’t want to sleep in the nursery? Lovely animals and funny robots will protect your kid while he will be dreaming at night and they will be his or her magic heroes during the day. Liven up a nursery or a playroom with these amazing wallpapers and you will see your kid will love them. These joyful pictures will please both children and parents alike. Buy Aimee Wilder wallpapers now and give a fairy-tale to your sweet.

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