ACNE TUSS is a team collection of two Swedish brands Acne and Tuss.

The fashion brand Acne is the worldwide Stockholm trademark of clothing. It was founded in 1996. Initially the brand was based on making jeans only. Today they produce a large range of clothing for men, women and kidds. Acne’s founder, the famous designer Jonny Johansson is well-known for his experimental attitude to work process. He’s got a fresh look at the modern fashion.

Tuss was also founded in Stockholm and it is based on designing clothes for children from 0 to 12 years. Tuss kids clothing is made of the best quality materials and it is minimalistic in color. Tuss’s concept is “less is more”. Jonny Johansson is a regular customer in Tuss shops. His liking for minimalistic design of these soft, high-quality items was a push to collaboration. Each brand put his best into the collection: Acne’s cool jeans and Tuss’s soft and simple T-shirts.

You and your little one have different opinions what to wear? You would like to see him in simplistic and functional clothes but your kid prefers stylish ones? The issue is settled! Choose and buy ACNE TUSS kid’s clothing online now and you both will be pleased with this simple and very stylish items.

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